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Thread: What's Knoya like?

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    Default What's Knoya like?

    I would love to hear your thoughts on whether this would be runnable and for how long; ie. any avalanche danger in the winter? Well/frequently traveled? I'm looking for some new views & have heard of people enjoying this one as a "steep" hike. What's steep?

    What's the best way to access it; ie. if we started on the multi-use trail at Hilltop? Or, better to start at North/South Bivouac? Thanks!!

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    I think avalanche danger is moderate*as long* as you stay on the trail which essentially follows a ridge. However, once you get to the top you have to leave the ridgeline a little bit, and especially when/if you come down the north/west face (or in that valley between knoya and kanshee) avalanche danger goes up significantly. Even early in the season I've come down that north/west face before and heard and felt considerable whumping beneath me.


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