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Thread: HELP - tub sled tounge/mount/shock ideas

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    Default HELP - tub sled tounge/mount/shock ideas

    Looking for any info on where to get, or how to build an a frame tounge and attach to the otter sled/tundra. I want to go pennel hitch but am having a hard time finding one that is an easy "bolt on attachment" they all need some modifications to attach to a 09 tundra. crazy. If you have some input/pics I would appreciate any help. I already had the sled.


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    I suggest you get a custom hitch built for the Otter and pull it from the sides not the front. The Otters can blow out in the front if pulled from there in cold weather or uneven terrain. I tow a lot.... 1000 mile Yukon Quest trail, & would not own an Otter. I have 2 Siglins, 1 home built HMUV sled and a fold a junk. Just my .02

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    Your ski-doo dealer should have a pintle hitch.

    My otter came with a pin style hitch. I went to AIH and bought a clevis and welded it up. Works fine.

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    Ski doo in eagle river found a hitch that will easily work. (AMD couldnt do it) Now I am building the A frame and reinforcing the sled. Thanks for all the help from don at Image plastics on old seward, he has built some nice sleds and has good input. I will line the sled with UHMW.

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    So are you towing the sliegh from the front?

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    Default yes?

    about 1/4 of the way back from the front - any suggestions?

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    My '09 Ski Doo came with some funky hybrid trailer hitch that works with pintle hooks and flappers. It sucks at both, too. Go to Arctic Cat and buy a pintle hook. Plug weld and re-drill the mount holes to fit the SkiDoo.

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    Default did you search the forums?

    there are several good threads with photos of sleds we've built. Riflemaker designed a UHMW hitch system that looks pretty skookum. The hitch itself is reversible. Looks like it is stiff enough to do the job, but will also flex a bit for added shock absorption.
    Part of it all depends on your loads. You can get away with something more flexible if your keep the sled light and/or run on pretty level terrain. As for me, I just assume I am going to overload everything and beat the mess out of it all on whoopty doos and such, so I like the hitch system to be bullet proof.
    Whatever you build, maybe take photos and go post on one of the sled threads so folks get to see your ideas also.
    I'll be building another sled soon out of the UHMW I got from Superslide. As soon as I get some time on it I'll be posting a report on how well it holds up.

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