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Thread: Good Day in the Field Yesterday

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    Default Good Day in the Field Yesterday

    Was at the in-law's place up the valley from us Fri/Sat. Pheasant season opened 12 noon, and their property borders the Market Lake WMA. Took the little Winchester Model 23 16 ga., 28 IC/Mod up with some 7's on the chance I'd get out.
    Lucy ain't necessarily a 'bird' dog, haven't heard of many folks using a Border Collie for such use, and specially on pheasants, as they don't 'herd' real well, but, a day in the field is worth a million on the couch!
    Sun was out, no breeze, had to take my jacket off. Even got a bit sunburned. The Pup managed to work out in front about 30 yards, but when she finds anything, she immediately rushes it, and it's out of range in the time it takes to register. Oh well, them birds is purty, anyhow! The one shot I did get, she hightailed it for the truck and was waiting in the bed when I got there. Don't appear that she's gonna be a gun dog after all....
    Life is good today!

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    If you have a win.23 in 16ga to carry you don't need birds for a good day.Sounds like a good dog for hunting strange country. If lost just fire a shot and follow her home.


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