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Thread: OB Jet Hot shoe?

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    Default OB Jet Hot shoe?

    Anyone know what a "hot shoe" is?
    I was reading about it on another forum, never did get a clear understanding other than some type of a performance modification done to the foot/ shoe on a OB jet.............
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    Don't know about a "hot shoe" but I have heard of a "hot Foot" for speed boats/ bass boats. It is a gas pedal, If you get the right model it will work in conjunction with your traditional "stick" throttle. The pedal is quite large and has a loop that fits over your foot so it stays in place during rougher conditions. They are very popular with the folks in Louisana/ Missippi for running tight channels and shallow swampy areas. It allows you to keep both hands on the tiller and work the throttle with your foot for quicker response.


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