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Thread: Ruger 10/22 trigger Job

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    Default Ruger 10/22 trigger Job

    Anyone have any advise for a possible trigger job for a ruger 10/22?? the trigger weight is so high that it is difficult for little fingers to pull... once they apply enough force to get the trigger pulled, the aim is way off.... they are learning bad habits having to snap the trigger and not pull gentle even pressure....



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    I know what you mean. I went over to rimfirecentral and bought a Kidd two-stage trigger, expensive, but the best you can buy. Also had a bolt worked over by Randy, blueprinted and Ti components installed, now my wife's rifle shoots very well indeed. A Ruger barrel will print 1/2" groups at 50 yards all day long with Eley Match ammo. With a Lilja, it would do that at 100 yards.

    For Kidd Designs trigger groups

    For the bolt work

    Hope this helps.
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    Greg, Nitroman's suggestion is a good one. Kidd is top notch. There are countless other options as well. If you can handle some mechanical work, you can get a volquartsen hammer and sear and install them yourself for far less money. That will reduce the weight of the pull and make it a lot smoother. Volquartsen also sells complete trigger assemblies for ~$200. Rimfirecentral is also a good resource for doing your own work. If you are confident enough, you can stone the ruger hammer and sear to accomplish the same thing as you'd get with quality aftermarket parts. Just be sure you know what you're doing though - too much material lost and you wind up with an uncontrollable machine gun. The Ruger 10-22 has more aftermarket support than any other rimfire platform. Have fun!

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    midway AND brownell both have some excellent replacements for the stock ruger 10-22.

    i just changed out parts for mine and ended up with a very nice 2# trigger. after selling the stock parts on eBay, the improvements were free!

    good luck.
    happy trails.


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