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Thread: what do you guys think of the 6mmbr round

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    Default what do you guys think of the 6mmbr round

    i been looking at the 6mmbr round now for a while and beening following it over at accurateshooter website ..

    i been looking at the diff loads that where design for the round and was wondering whick combination of bullet powder and primer set would you think would make a perfect 300 meter and 600 yard rifle round .

    here what i was looking at for the complete round for the rifle..

    bullet is a Dtac 115.grain vld bullet

    primer is a Cci br4

    powder is a Norma 203.b

    brass case are Laupa case vigin bass

    so do think that a good round for the whole 300 meter rifle matchs

    the guy i was talking to at the match he tells me that he weight all the that make up the shell the bullets in each round to the primers to the cartirdges themselfs he told me to get a complete cartridge components set up that is one complete round that is matched to the rifle ..but he tells that a little over an--- as he calls it ..but it makes sense to him to do that in the long run for building match grade ammo he says..i bought him lunch and he told how that each round is total taylored to the rifle for it makes a world of diffence when the round is taylored to the rifle than buying a over the counter round..he give me a list of items to buy for reloading of the br round ..from the press to the dies and everything inbetween them items that i was going to need

    he told it not like doing a handfull of 45.acp catridges in the dillion and cranking them out for target shooting..he was saying that you hand build each round one at a time when doing this typle of shooting ..he says like building a master peice one round at time ..for it takes time to build a perfect round for use in the rifle .. he says to me when we leave the restaurant that afternoon ..

    right or wrong typles of rounds in the 6mmbr round ..any info ..

    i have allways looked at the world of 300 meter rifle matchs and thought i would like to get into the that and try it ..i like the fact that there is no scopes on the rifle it old fashion rifle shooting with match sights on the rifles ..

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    My sole experience with it was through a friend's XP100. He's a careful reloader and the 100 was fully tricked out. It was easy for me to stay under half an inch at 100 yards even with my lack of familiarity with his gun, and he was doing quite a bit better.

    That doesn't mean much except that in one particular XP100 it's super accurate. But everything you read about match shooting sezz the same thing.

    However..... And there's always a however.

    I've done quite a bit of long range shooting with a wide range of rifles and calibers, at 300 yards and beyond. I've gotta say that I think a 6mm bullet is going to be a little light in the britches at 300 meters if even a breeze blows up, and way light at 600 yards considering the lower velocity of the BR case. I'd be more inclined to use something in along the lines of a 308 capacity case, whether topped with a 168 grain .308 bullet or a 140 grain 6.5 bullet. For 600 yard shooting I'd be even happier with a little more case capacity while moving up to the 180 or 190 grain .308 diameter bullet.

    That's based on the realities of gusting winds, reading winds, and timed fire. You can really box yourself into a corner in a timed match waiting for just the right wind, and finding yourself with 3 or 4 shots yet to go and 2 minutes left to shoot. Perfect conditions would let the 6mmbr compete, but I'd rather be prepared for shooting when the conditions weren't ideal. You simply will not believe the difference in wind drift between a 6mm bullet and a 6.5 or a .308. And especially at 600 yards, increases in MV are going to pay dividends on windy days.

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    Default 6mm BR

    While I've never shot a 6mmBR in a 300 yd match; I've owned 7 and still own 1 today.
    The 6 BR is inherently accurate and is used by many Bench Rest shooters in 100 & 200 Yard matches. Most use a 62-65 grn Flat based bullet hauling butt.
    The shooters load the ammo 15-20 rounds at a time at the range for existing range conditions. It is probably the second most used round after the PPC. The 6mm bullet seems to do better in windy conditions than the 22 caliber rifles.
    I no longer shoot bench rest and have turned my attention to shooting praire dogs. The 6mmBR makes an excellent PD/varmint rifle; low noise and recoil. I much prefer it over the larger 6mm's on smaller varmints out to 400 yards. I have taken PDs off a bench in excess if 600 yds with a 6mmBR .
    There are also 25 cal, 6.5mm and 7mm versions of the BR used in various shooting activities. The 7mmBR was used in the XP-100 as a IHMSA cartridge. The 308 x 1.5" was tested by the military as an urban supressed sniper rifle.
    I've had great luck using AA2230 powder in this effecient little case.
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    from i what i understand of the 300 meter matchs it the king of the rounds over there in europe in the there 300 meter rifle shooting circles ..

    i was looking at finding a place to shoot at in the anchorage area for shoots to go and see the way it would work up in there in a diff set up of the cold and wind typle shooting ..

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    Smile 6mm BRR & 6mm PPC

    Both these cases are super short and fat (read as stubby) w/ .243 projectiles and 30 degree shoulders.

    The BR rem. only real advantages might be that it fits a standard boltface and that there may be more components available in some places with a bit better pricing (debatable).

    I do not like either of these rounds for anything but a rock solid bench, not much action downrange, and only in single-shot guns. There is very little practical use other than this.

    Sans bench you're no better off (likely worse) than using a hot-shooting, accurate .243 WIN or 6mm REM.

    Little fat cases load slow one at a time and have little to no place in a repeater, magazine etc. I'd say for Alaska... this is not attributes to look for.

    Out of the 6mm in these cartridges --- I've used a 6mm BR Rem in an XP-100, a 40X (both good shooters but clumsy and a little picky). In 6mm PPC a circa late 70s SAKO (very good shooter, quite handy, not as picky on loadings). In 6mm Rem. a left handed 788 (canjar triggered) that was easily on target with any of the higher end stuff. That thing was impressive by any standard! Of course several offerings in .243 WIN but mostly sporting rifles (some that cracked the true sub .25" @ 100 yards).

    Today, in Alaska for year round shooting with some built in utility - I'd focus on a repeating bolt action .243 WIN that will go 5 shots for 5 groups under .25" center2center @ 100 off the bench. You can accomplish this here in Alaska - you'll have a winner!


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