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    Default smoked moose roast

    I am trying to find out anything about smoking a moose roast. I have two nice big ones and want to smoke them.
    Should I brine them or marinade them, as I read there is a difference. the one using salt to infuse the seasonings into the meat and marinade to tenderize and flavor with an acid of some sort to tenderize.
    I have done pork with a brine and an apple mop that turned out awesome. So thought I would try the moose but not sure if read meat needs brine or not. Anyway just lookin for suggestions. Thanks

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    The answer depends on the flavor you are trying to achieve. If you are just looking to make it tender, smoking a long time over low heat will do that.
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    Default brining roast

    i am from north carolina , i will tell you how we do it
    first brining is ok if you have meat that will take the brine , although i have never seen a moose roast i would think it is a lot like the deer we kill down this way.
    brining is great for birds, but for roast i inject them with olive oil,some salt water, and diluted sugar in the salt water(brown sugar) then i lard the roast with pork fat, and smoke it at 225 degrees for 18 hours, but depends on the weight of the roast, smoke it long and slow and its hard to beat

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    Inject with a mild flavor you enjoy. Moose has almost zero fat so any fat you can add via injection is a bonus.

    We use olive oil, crushed red pepper and a bit of minced garlic.

    Good luck!

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    STOP AT 165 deg... internal or it will be VERY VERY DRY...

    or light smoke it and roast in oven...
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