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Thread: Hello guys

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    Talking Hello guys

    I volentered to help moderate the forum and keep it running. (Wish this had a spell check) If anyone has any problems with people or those pesty advertisements or such on the forum just let PM me. I am on quite a bit and can zap them quickly.

    I haven't trapped since I was a kid but there are still some Conibears in the closet if I can get out. Used to chase wolves on the Yukon with snares but those guys are smart. Let me know how I can help you guys out.

    Hillary moved to NY and I moved out.

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    Thumbs up Pictures

    I'm not a trapper but I sure enjoy looking at the trap setups and furs. I would like to suggest a picture section like they have in hunting!! I would also like to hear what part of the state they are trapping in, ie: Yukon, Kenai etc. I haven't trapped sense I was a kid in Idaho and it's getting my blood flowing again!!!!


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