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Thread: moose or caribou

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    Default moose or caribou

    I have several friends that have lived in the Fairbanks area for their entire adult lives and have been to see them many times. I have been invited to go hunting with them and had a question for the forum. Moose or caribou? They are primarily moose hunters taking his boat 150 miles into nowhere and hunting for two weeks. I am interested in either moose or caribou. Which meat do you like to eat better? I am a meat hunter. Considering effort and chance of success what do you think?

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    If they have a productive moose hunting spot, I'd go that route. If you're a non-resident, though, you'll have to consider how you'll be getting all of that meat home. Even as a resident, a moose is a lot of meat to process and freeze. You're looking at the difference between 150-200 pounds of meat for a large caribou to over 600 pounds for a large moose.

    The other issue to consider is one of transportation. It sounds like they've got that locked in for moose. What about caribou? There isn't a lot of easily accessible caribou hunting around the state. To get into good caribou hunting that you know will be open (as opposed to registration hunts that often close early), you'd probably be looking at a fly-in hunt unless you're going to bowhunt off the Dalton Highway. Success rates are generally higher for caribou, but access can be more difficult.

    As for taste, both moose and caribou is excellent table fare.

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    A young caribou taken in mid August is prime table fare, as is a 3 year old bull moose taken in late August. Probably depends on your taste buds.

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    Which is better, buffalo or elk? Deer or proghorn? Its hard to tell you a meat tastes better than the other, you might not like either moose or caribou. If you are a meat hunter, moose is the ultimate catch. I also think that moose are easier to hunt(area wise), as they don't tend to move around a whole lot of country and will respond to calls. Caribou can be 300 yards away from you in a riverbed, and an hour later they can be 5000 ft up a mountain wandering over the peak, there doesn't seem to be any method to their madness. IF you're friends have a moose area locked up, then go for the big prize(a moose) and knock down a caribou some other time. good luck!
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    i will pick door number 3... Black Bear!!!! YUM YUM..

    the others are just meat in compairson.

    but i love bou, and moose are easy to get..
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