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Thread: Leupold Rifleman vs VX-1

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    Default Leupold Rifleman vs VX-1

    Getting ready to order a new scope from Cabellas looking at either the Rifleman or the VX-1 in the 2x7 I can't see any difference between the two other than 1/2 oz and 30 dollars in that case i'll take the Rifleman and save money. Is there a difference that i'm not seeing Thanks

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    PT: The best I can tell from their web page is that the VX1 is multi coated vs fully coated (better light transmission), two available finishes vs 1, three available reticals vs 1, and the weight. I don't have any direct experience with either.

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    Default VXl

    I have six VXl's and several VXll's, I mount a scope on a rifle and it stays on that rifle. I have M70's and M700's both synthetic and wood stocked.
    I can not tell the difference when looking through either VXl or VXll,

    Do not have any of the rifleman series.

    To my 50 year old eyes VXl are excellent and I have not had any problems with them I will say I do not put hundreds of rounds through the rifles each month so I do not feel the need for a more expensive scope at the moment. I am not a bench rest shooter or military sniper or professional Dangerous game hunter. I have heard some complaints about failure of Leupold by Swaroski proponents, but in my admittably more limited experience have had only good experiences.

    I would recommend the VXl

    Knowing that Leupold came out with the Rifleman line in a cost cutting manner I would imagine there is a slight difference in quality, so I would not short change myself for thirty dollars.

    I would rather spend more on ammunition than a scope that costs
    $7-800 more, so until I reap an economic windfall I will use the Leupolds.

    I like the fact that Leupold is American made and there is a lifetime guarantee. When I am able I buy American.

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    For my eyes I have twist the snot out of the rifleman scopes ocular to get the reticle to show up even close to clear. The VXII I can just pick up and it looks great. My rifleman started life on my 325WSM but has since been replaced by a Zeiss conquest. The rifleman fell back to my 270WSM and lost that job eventually as well. It now sits on a Savage 17hmr and cost more than the rifle. I would save longer for at least a VXII especially if I was relying on it to fill the freezer. Even for just a plinker ponying up the extra 30 for the VXI is a no brainer.

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    Well said Garbo. It is hard to beat Leupold's customer service and warranty. I would think the multi coating on the VX1 would be worth the extra $30. I just don't have any experience with their VX scopes as all mine are the older Vari-X type.

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    Default Thanks

    As i know you usually get what you pay for,I'm taking everyones advise and i'm going to pay the additional 30 and get the VX-1 although the Rifleman would probably do everything i need it to do and with Leupolds warranty if it didn;t i could always send it back Thanks to all for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale White Cracker View Post
    Much in the Leupie line is Asian junk.

    Elder vintage offerings preclude that transition,as well as offering more for less.

    Care to share "how much" in the line is "Asian junk"?

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    I put a VX-I on my 270 last spring, and have been nothing but happy with it. I have put enough rounds through that gun now to say that I can't tell any difference in quality between the VX-I and older Leupold scopes I own. I used it to kill my moose this year. It was the longest shot I've ever taken at an animal, and the scope performed as advertised. I'd buy another one in a minute.
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