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Thread: Koyukuk - can you glass?

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    Default Koyukuk - can you glass?

    Can you find glassing points, accesible from the river? Within 1 mile?

    If not what is primary means of hunting the early hunt? Calling?

    I would prefer to glass and call - so I can have options.

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    If you are willing to pack a big moose a mile you have endless places to call and glass and that will increase your chances to score on a big one. Any time you can spot a moose before he figures out what you are the odds in your favor increase. Get some good maps of the area you are going to hunt and a GPS that has the area on it. That will show you ponds and meadows galore. The 3 Day Slough area has lots of moose. The biologist said there are more big bulls up past Huslia. You absolutely have to know how much gas you are going to use and have a boat big enough to pack it if you go there. Don't forget your head net, bug spray and one of those Thermacill gadgets. Lets talk about the bugs......

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    338 mag, lets not talk about the bugs this year! Awful! The only glassing we have done up there is out of a tree. Just getting 15' up a tree gives you so much more to look at.


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