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Thread: How do I estimate a 50+ moose?

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    Default How do I estimate a 50+ moose?

    I am new to moose hunting and I am looking for a good method for estimating a 50+ moose. Thanks.

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    Have you buddy run up to it with a tape measure.

    There is a juding method that deals with ear spread being 10", or something like that , then you should be able to use that as a reference point. I hunt browtines and not spread, its the only way to be safe. There is a couple threads in the hunting forum that are "guess the spread" threads and its a good way to practice.

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    Do a search, there are lots of threads on this one! Here is a link to one of MANY

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    Default thanks

    Thanks for the great info. I'll let my buddy know to put on his running shoes just in case there is any doubt.

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