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Thread: I a DJS vise any good?

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    Default I a DJS vise any good?
    I found this vise and it looks like it may be worth a try. Have any of you ever used one?

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    Default djs vise

    I have not heard of them, but for 20 bucks, it wouldn't hurt to try it. Do you have a vise now? If you are just getting into tying, might not be a bad choice to see if you like tying, but keep in mind that you get what you usually get what you pay for, so I wouldn't expect to to be the same quality as more expensive vises. What kind of flies do you plan on tying? Some vises have features that might be of little or no use to your application.

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    Default How much for shipping...

    and all the way from the UK? Haven't heard of them...or the website.

    Here's a Griffin ( for $59. I've owned a Superior 1A for 5 years - dragged it to far away places and tied hundreds of flies with it... simple, rugged... just keeps on ticking. If you can find one locally, you might be better off. Good luck either way.
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