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Thread: EAA Witness sights

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    Default EAA Witness sights

    I like my EAA witness 10mm so far. I am not super thrilled with the fixed sights. I don't seem to have any problem hitting with it out to 30-40 yards so I can't really complain too much but when the light starts going the red front ramp disappears way to early! The black rear notch is not far behind it either... I may just drop a dab of neon paint on the front ramp but I am curious if there are other options out there. The front sight blade is molded into the slide and the rear sight is pinned on. I am not sure if it is possible to have a groove cut into the slide to add an aftermarket blade front and then just pick up the adjustable rear.

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    On a Witness and Colt Mustangs I have filed the front sight flat then drill and taped for a Mepro lite night sight for shotguns. As far as I know they are still working fine almost twenty years later.On one Colt the light did fade but Mepro replaced it.

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    Company is called Looks like different type of stickers for different sight options. Glow in the dark they say and brighter than Tritium. $12 or less. I seen an ad somewhere here on the forums and checked them out. Neat idea, maybe better than paint. Comes with plenty to replace at will.

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    Your front is molded on, not a tiney screw behind it? And your rear is pined on, not in a dovetail?

    My rear is a fully adjustable with 2 dots in a dovetail and the front was a black blade with red ramp. I picked up a high viz fiber optic front from EAA and swapped it out since like you say the red sucks. Sounds like some machining or a little paint may be in order.
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