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Thread: YTA Grizz has anyone seen any?

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    Default YTA Grizz has anyone seen any?

    Has anyone seen any Grizz in the YTA this year? Or any Blackies? My buddy backed out on a hunt up north so I am switching gears. Thanks for the help.

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    I would think your best best for a blackie would be down Transmitter Rd. I've heard a few people say they have seen them down there. The rest of YTA seems to be mainly grizz territory. There are several grizz back on Brigadier Road, but it might be hard to hunt them. There are a few places you could get up high and glass, but for the most part it's pretty thick. You might try a predator call if you dare! Might get a wolf also...

    I hunted back there for 3 years and never actually SAW a bear, but saw tons of tracks and got several trail cam pics.

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    Default Grizz

    I had a bear run right in front of my truck this morning around 430 on brigadier rd. Too early to shoot though. The bear are there because of the tracks but they're hard to find.


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