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Thread: Weaver V3 1-3x scope

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    Default Weaver V3 1-3x scope

    Anybody had any experience with these scopes ? I like the wide field of view in the specs.

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    Nope, but I like the power range. Don't know about the new Weaver scopes, but all my old ones are still ticking just fine.

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    I agree with brownbear. I have an old weaver 4x on my 338 and its great. recently I put on a new weaver 3x9 on my 300wizzum, but havent shot it yet. hopefully its as good as the old stuff.

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    Had one on a P17 Enfield built in 450 Ackley. Good scope.

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    Thanks guys. Will likley get one and put it on a 1950's vintage M99 Savage in .300 Savage I inherited recently. Beautiful gun in phenomenal shape, shoots nice with the scope I have on it, but I take it back East ~ once a year for whitetails, and could use more field of view for the running shots we tend to get. Thanks again.

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    I'm a fan of 99's, and a couple of mine have Weavers (a 2x on a 358 Win and a 4x on a 284) that were probably put on when the rifles were new.

    Gotta love the 300, too. It's one of the most underrated rounds in my book. Plenty of power for about anything you would use a 99 for, but no pizazz, so it never marketed all that well. Folks bought it simply because it did a good job without excessive recoil. I've got a Featherweight in 308 Win as well as a 300, and the 308 seems to kick about twice as much for about a 100 fps gain. No wonder the guy parted with it so cheaply and went back to a 300 when I bought it from him back in the 70's!

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    I too have found I really like this gun and cartridge, like you say, very little recoil but pretty close to being a .308. I filled a cow moose permit with it this fall, took it along as I figured it wouldn't be hard to find a cow fairly close. The 165gr Interbond passed completely thru the chest, broadside, at 75 yards.

    One thing, it came with a removal barrel band/sling swivel attachment, I took it off as it would slide down the barrel on me, I thought if I tightened it down too much it would affect point of impact. Any thoughts, and/or how have you put slings on the older 99's ?

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    All mine have conventional studs mounted in the forend and butt. Some one did it before I got the older ones (and a good job), and the two later models I bought new came that way from the factory.

    I use slings for carry, but pop them off when hunting. I've gotta say a 99 sure feels funny in my hands with a sling on it, especially the ones with receiver sights. I've got a sleek little 250 with an old receiver sight, and it's about as fast as a 28 gauge double quail gun. Great fun for deer!


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