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Thread: gas and caribou

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    Default gas and caribou

    Im heading up north tommorrow for my first hunt..... Can anyone tell me how far it is from fairbanks to pump station 2? Im trying to bring enough fuel so i dont need to stop. Any insight on where to start walking from would be helpfull as well

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    Default Fuel

    I can go from Fairbanks to Deadhorse on one tank (38 gallons). Best bet is to stop in Coldfoot and top off the tank. There is NO fuel after Coldfoot. You might want to take a couple of 5's with you and keep them full, don't touch them, until you are on the return leg home and have a possitive feel for the amount of fuel you need.

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    I would recommend stopping at Coldfoot and filling up. Only takes a few minutes and makes it a lot easier. Plus you can get some good grub if you want (DEFINITELY recommended on the return trip...)

    I would also recommend taking an extra 30-35 gallons "just in case." And a few spare tires.

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    I usually take a 55 gal polydrum and a syphon. It packs alot better than a bunch of fuel cans and I dont have to unpack anything to fuel up. Also the colder it is up there, the more fuel you will burn just letting your truck idle so bring lots of spare fuel. I did this last week and brought back about 10 gals. I went to Deadhorse and back.

    Right before Pump 2 is Last chance campsite. I would suggest getting on top of the hill there and glassing before committing to the 5 mile hike, b/c there is no use walking 5 miles if there is nothing out there. And you can see for ever from last chance.

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    Just came back from up there myself. The roads were pretty good. Like everyone else was saying, top off in Coldfoot. I paid 4.49 a gal for diesel but it is worth it if you don't feel like hauling alot of gas cans. If you are going all the way up you can get fuel at PB but it's anyone's guess how much you pay. The fuel station is just a shack with a pump in it, you figure out how much it is when you get your credit card bill. I'd like to do another hunt up there this month if anyone is interested. I saw some really nice bulls up there but I blew the shot on one. Glad I have my archery certification, that 5 mile walk sucks.
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    Default 425 mi

    ... approx. if you go when it is warmer and the road is wet/muddy, your mileage will drop off a lot, esp if you need 4x4. good luck.

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    Default How far

    Not sure exactly but if I can remember right it's about 450 miles from Fairbanks. Everyone on this post has given good sound advice and I would recommend adhering to it. Its a long walk from pump 2 to DH or back to CF. My recommendation is that if you can't see them from the road then don't take off your 5 mile trek. If you can see them out there 3 to 4 miles then chances are there will be some more 5 miles and beyond. Good luck.


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