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Thread: Thanks to Ken and the Guys/Gals at WWG

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    Thumbs up Thanks to Ken and the Guys/Gals at WWG

    I decided a several weeks ago that I would like to have the finish on my 4 inch SS Redhawk toned down a bit and get the barrel slabbed to remove the warning label eyesore. I contacted Ken via a PM and asked about this and he sent a timely reply. My wife and I had planned our biannual shopping trip to Anchorage for October and I responded to Ken I'd bring the revolver with me at that time for the work to be done. I took the revolver to him on Monday morning as we began our shopping and he said he'd tried to get it done before we left Anchorage on Wednesday to save on the shipping back to Dillingham.

    When we returned from shopping on Monday afternoon (4:45) we received a call at our hotel that the Ruger was completed and I could pick it up at anytime. I consider that excellent service: the Ruger looked exactly as I'd hoped and was completed on the same day . Now I realize this was not exactly an earth shattering request on my part, slabbing and bead blasting, but the work, timeliness and effort to make it happen that quickly is rare in the gunsmithing business IME. I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done and for the service I received. Just wanted to post my thanks for all to see.

    P.S. I'll try to learn how to post a pic of the finished Redhawk in the next day or so.

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    Ditto......I picked up the Glock 24C Yesterday from Ken @ WWG. I had asked five Anchorage area Gun Stores to find me a Glock 24C, and report back to me what my cost would be. Ken was to only one that got the job done, and delivered it at a very fair price. Thank you........

    Yes, I know that Ken can be caustic at times, OK...most of the time.....But that is just his nature, it is not personal; And I can take it.....The results are what matters to me.

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    Thanks guys, always a pleasure to help out knowledgeble, educated consumers

    Especially AGL4, we been cranky together for too many years


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