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Thread: Talkeetna Mail trail and Central trail

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    Default Talkeetna Mail trail and Central trail

    Found this trail on the Mat-Su Borough link provided in the trail information thread. Looks like the weather for this weekend in the Willow area is supposed to be nice. Thinking about taking the wife and kid out in the Ranger 6X6 with a friend and his wife on a four-wheeler. Anybody been on this trail? Any information would be helpful. The Mat-Su Bourough write up says that the Central trail is a better "summer" trail so I'm assuming the Talkeetna Mail trail is more swampy and better suited for winter.

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    The Central trail is an old trail that is completely overgrown but has recently been "discovered" and some local folks have mapped it and done some cutting/clearing. From my understanding the trail exists for a while then totally disappears only to start again further on. Maybe someone else who's on here knows more current info. But as of last fall this "trail" was not really passable until winter without a hell of alot of work. Even in winter, it is hard to keep on.

    The mail trail (locally known as the "Tank" trail) is really swampy for long stretches. It does go thru some dry ground but for the most part it is boggy and crosses quite a few streams that I think would be tough to get thru. I've only traveled it in winter by dog team and snomachine and on foot in the summer

    Shirley Towne and hatchers pass trails would likely be alot more fun and less work...

    Good luck, hopefully the weather starts to cool off and we dont have another winter like 2003....


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