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Thread: Unit 14 goat permits?

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    Default Unit 14 goat permits?

    Am I reading the drawing supplement correctly in that it appears the Lake George and 20-Mile goat hunts (DG868 and DG869) are open to non-residents only? This doesn't seem right to me. Maybe they will open these area to registration permits for residents? Anyone know what's going on here?

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    Yep, those areas are going back to registration for residents. It seems odd, but this is actually working in residents' favor.

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    I concur with Brian that they are going back to Registration for residents. I spoke to Fins and Feathers a couple years ago when they went to permits and asked him why they did so. He stated that the hunters that were harvesting goats out of those two areas were not reporting their harvest in a timely manner so the areas were both overharvested a couple years in a row so they went to permits so they would know exactly how many were taken each year.
    Glad they're going back to registration permits but they're still hellacious areas to get into for the most part. Have fun with those areas......

    Good Luck to everyone with their permit applications this winter.


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    Default problems

    The problem with the hunt before was the registration was open to residents and non residents and it was a cheap hunt for the guides, and one of the few area's that was open. The guides put the camp in about 3 days prior to season, when most residents are still working. This falls hunt is also open to nonresidents. Im hoping the weather stays decently warm so I can fly back in there and give it a try. Last year it was like 5 degrees, and the mountains were pretty icey.



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