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Thread: Halibut off of seward beaches....?

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    Smile Halibut off of seward beaches....?

    I have sangged a ton of salmon out of tonsina creek down the seward beaches. The question i have is has anyone fished this area tossed out towards the bay for halibut. I imagine that you could set up a couple of rods like your catfishing with cut bait for halibut. I know alot of halibut will follow salmon so why wouldnt they be in this close to seward? Anyone try fishing for Halibut here off the beach and if so did you have any luck? Thanks

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    If you are going to try and beach fish halibut off of seward, tonsina is the place to go. Even in a boat, you try and get in just to where it drops off the shelf. Try and get a little out, and cast something into the current, where salmon carcasses would be washing out, a carcass probably being the best bait. I have seen them caught on boats just off, but not off the beach. I am sure it is possible though, if you spend some time.

    Make sure you are there when the salmon have been there a while though, but are still there.


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