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Thread: Helmut ?

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    Default Helmut ?

    Concidering getting a fog proof heated Helmut wondering if anyone has sugestions on a good one. Plus I think it might be possible to have cuminications included in them / speakers?

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    If by heated you mean the visor, those are pretty common. If you already have the helmet you can buy just the visor but you may have to add some wiring to the sled.

    If you're looking for a helmet with a heated liner then I'm not so sure. I don't think there are any on the market. Probably because helmet heat isn't really needed. Helmets are naturally pretty warm.

    My personal recomendation is get an inexpensive motocross style helmet, a Turtle Fur brand fleece balaclava (thin fleece, comfy, warm), a NoFog mask, and a set of decent quality goggles--double lenses and replaceable. Get them in rose or yellow for sunny/flat light and get a set of clear lenses for night.

    I've ridden down to -20 with this set up without needing to break out the duct tape

    As for communications, there are several aftermarket kits out there from the simple & cheap to the high tech & expensive

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    My personal prefreance are the modular type. I've riding down to -40 and no fogging.

    They are expencive, but in my mind they are worth it.

    They have the fighter face mask, but you get used to it pretty quick.

    Cost me about $400.00 when they first came out, tho I think they are down to about $300.00 now.

    Call Tanana Adventure Sports in Delta, They might even have a web site, I'm not sure what it is.

    These helmut's have the vents , full open face, half open face, and the drop down sun visor.

    I could'nt see myself riding with nothing less anymore.

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    the problem with helmet communicators is they pick up the sled noise to much and are hard to hear.
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