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Thread: Flying the alcan

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    Default Flying the alcan

    Planning on taking the pacer down to Montana in November. Never flown south from Ak before and was hoping i could get some ideas on the best places to stop for fuel and to camp out. Also the best airports to use as point of entry into Canada and back into the states in Montana. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

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    I have been doing it twice a year for several years. PM with a phone number and a good time to call and I will talk you through the trip. Have your speed/range and if you have a Can Pass for customs ready. I just did the trip three weeks ago. Be sure you look into signing up with AEPIS program with US Customs. This is a new and mandantory requirement to leave the US and re-enter.

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    Default I've done it in a Pacer

    I flew a Pacer up from Maine a few years ago. If you have standard tanks its a long day. As mensioned above you need to get the paper wok going soon. You will need to file a manifest with customs and the process is easy but time consuming. Also you need the customs sticker, Radio lic,passport and check with AOPA if you need a 401eperp or just the elt. Last july it wasn't required yet. The best place we found to exit was Northway direct to Whitehorse. You need to file a flight plan and recieve permission to leave the country, Canada is easy, just let them know when you are coming by notfing them per flight plan.
    Get a flight sup for Canada and it tells all. Just remember file flight plans every leg in CA and NOTE that most airports have MANDATORY radio freq.'s you must call and talk to the station if noted on the chart. They aren't controlers but the calls are required. They are great and will be very helpfull. They monitor all T/O'S AND LDGS AND will get things rolling if you have a problem. My first Pacer has standard tanks and I needed to stop at all the airports for fuel because they are spaced at 2 hours intervals for it. My second one had 60 gals of fuel and could skip every other. I would try to fly as many hours as there is dail light if you get a weather window , take food with you and gas and go. Whitehourse, Watson lake, ft nelson ( good place to RON) , Ft ST.John( home free from here.) Good luck and have fun Tom


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