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    My son showed up to duck hunt with his handi-dandi retriever tool. I laughed but ****ed if it didn't work great. He brings a take-down spinning rod with a large bobber and a couple larger treble hooks (one or two spares in case). We jump shot birds and when one fell out in the water he pulled out his pole cast out past it and reeled in slow. Once the bobber touched the bird you give a quick yank and the hook (about 6" from the bobber) snags the bird. It is so easy to carry and keeps your casting practice up too. I'll admit teal are a good challenge. This may work reel nice for you jump shooters out there that don't have a dog.

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    That reminds me of how much I like my dog.....I HATED dinking around with a fishing rod on a rushing tide....sooo frustrating.....lost way too many birds that way when the water was I always felt like a dork trying to snag a duck... Hardly ever lose a bird anymore with my lab

    the eagles sure ate good back then though

    Im sure it works waaaaay better in still water.
    Nice Marmot.


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