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Thread: Rifle Match Birchwood 17 OCT Come Shoot!

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    Default Rifle Match Birchwood 17 OCT Come Shoot!

    POC for questions:
    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club
    for basics

    50 shots, iron sights, with sighters shooting the
    NRA Match Rifle or Service Rifle (US Rifle M1, M14, M16 or civilian equivalent)
    2009 Alaska Rifle Club
    200 Yard Reduced High Power Tournament

    Oct. 17, 2009. Sign up: 0945

    Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park

    Traveling North from Anchorage, take the North Birchwood exit. Go West toward Cook Inlet. Shortly
    after crossing the railroad tracks, turn right at the Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park entrance.
    Go left to the Rifle Ranges.

    Alaska Rifle Club, P.O. Box 243923, Anchorage, AK 99524
    Jon Terhune 907-262-5875

    Current NRA High Power rules will govern. Open Bolt Indicator, Hearing and Eye Protection are required!

    Open to any ARC member. One-day memberships ($5.00) are available for out of town competitors.

    Maximum competitors: 30

    Tournament Fee: $25. (NRA fee of $4.50 and range fee included. Shooters under 18 are free.)

    Entries Due: 0945-1015

    Start Times:
    Squadding: Squadding assignment for individual matches will be issued during registration.

    The NRA classification system will be used. Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master
    Class. Assigned Classification (Rule 19.6), or Temporary Classification (Rule 19.2), may be used.

    200 yd reduced Targets, SR-5, SR-42, and MR-52. Competitors will be required to score targets for
    other competitors.

    Sighting shots (Rule 9.2.1), which are allowed in the conditions for each match may be taken and
    recorded. Sighting shots may be taken in a position other than specified for the match, but must be
    one of those described in Rule 5 of the High Power Rifle Rule Book, except 5.13.

    Match 1:
    2 sighting shots and 10 shots for record, standing, slow fire, 200 yards, SR-5 target. ( Alt. 20 shots)

    Match 2:
    2 sighting shots and 10 shots for record, sitting or kneeling, rapid fire, 200 yards, SR-5 target. (Alt. 20
    shots for record).

    Match 3:
    2 sighting shots and 10 shots for record, prone, rapid fire, SR-42 target. (Alt 20 shots)

    Match 4:
    2 sighting shots and 20 shots for record, prone, slow fire, MR-52 target.

    Match 5:
    The slow fire aggregate: an aggregate of scores fired in matches 1 and 4

    Match 6:
    The rapid fire aggregate: an aggregate of scores fired in matches 2 and 3

    Match 7:
    Aggregate of scores from matches 1-4

    : In fired match will be the same as aggregate matches.

    Open Awards: First, Second, etc. based on Match 7
    Class and Category Awards:
    There must be 5 or more entries in a class for one award, 8 or more for two awards; and 13 or more
    for three awards. If there are fewer than 5 High Masters entered, they must fire for open awards
    only. The High Master Class may not be combined with the Master Class. If there are fewer than the
    required number of entries in a class to provide awards, they will be combined with the same class in
    another category. If there are still fewer than 5 entries after combining all categories of a class, there
    will be
    no awards provided in that class, and all competitors in the lower class will be moved back to
    their respective category within the next higher class until there is a minimum of 5 competitors in the

    combined class.

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    bump it to top come shoot!

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    Free bump.

    I really wish I could come out there tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to work in my store all day long.

    I probably would only have come out to see what's going this time anyhow on as I just received my AR and have only had it out once (yesterday) to try to establish a zero for it.

    Maybe next time.


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