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Thread: A "dog" with a death wish....

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    Default A "dog" with a death wish....

    I was rudely awakened this morning to the sound of the dogs in a total uproar. Thinking that they needed to go out, I jumped out of bed, but their barks and the noises they were making was just a little more serious than the normal, "I need to go out bark".
    So I calmed them down a bit. While holding them back I peeked out the door to see what was out there. There was the biggest coyote I had ever seen in my dog kennel!
    While he was busy running to the back of the kennel trying to get away, I quickly ran out and shut the door on him. I ran back inside to get a gun and just as I opened the door to the house to take aim, he took one huge leap and jumped the 4ft fence never to be seen again!

    After a few minutes I had to let the dogs out, our male went insane. I'm assuming the coyote had been out there for awhile possibly marking everything. I don't know if Harley had anything left after marking everything the yote did......

    I don't know that we'll need to run a line any further than our back door if this keeps up! hehe.....
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    Default Coyote

    Always love it when the fur comes to me! Caught a cross fox behind my back fence a couple of years ago. It was coming in to investigate my buckets of "stinky bait". Hope Harley is still doing well in the "Cutest Dog" contest. I continue to vote every day!

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    Default That was

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntress View Post
    While holding them back I peeked out the door to see what was out there. There was the biggest coyote I had ever seen in my dog kennel!
    I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune, neighbor. Since I stopped feeding the 'yotes around here I reckon they mosied on down to your place. As the kids say, "my bad" ...

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    Sounds like we need to come to your back yard...and to think I've been out with the call looking for coyotes and fox. Well, fox end today here. Guess I'll be waiting until next year. Hopefully yours won't come back or if it does, it waits long enough for you to get your gun.


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