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Thread: Anyone back from Brown Bear hunting on the Penn.

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    Default Anyone back from Brown Bear hunting on the Penn.

    Can't wait to see pics and threads! Plus can't wait till my 4 year wait is up!!

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    Default Not Me

    But I spent a couple hours at the airport talking with a guy from France. He had just gotten back from way out west on the Pen. He had just completed his Grand Slam of North America with a 9.5 footer and was flying home. Told me he saw over 30 bears and that he had five 9ft + bears to choose from. Oh yeah, this was on the 3rd of October. Must be rough.

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    Default Whats that

    Whats in a North American Grand Slam?

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    Default Glam Slam

    Its all the animals that can be entered into the B&C records. For americans there are 28 right now. Glam Slam that funny though. How about Grand Slam.
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