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    Over the years I have picked up and handled several Cimarron single action 45's. They appeared to be pretty decent as far as construction and ergonomics go. They were usually in the $400 dollar range for a new one.

    Recently I was gawking at gunbroker and came across a Cimarron Plinkerton single action 22 revoler. The price was cheap enough so I did the buy now thing figuring if they were anything like the 45's then I had a cheap tool box handgun. I about cracked up when I pulled it out of the box. What a piece of junk...about three steps down from the worst thing RG ever dreamt up. The gun is steel and it does fire....6 inches to the left at 50 feet. Each cylinder has a liner and the barrel is lined as well. Mine looks like a 38 that someone tried to turn into a 22. The old trapper down the road gave me 1/3 of what I paid for it and he still got screwed. Everything he kills is done so with the barrel almost against the critters noggin so maybe he'll be ok! If nothing else he can use it to wack em on the top of the head with or pound in trap stakes or something!

    I've always thought that the Heritage single action 22 was the celler dweller of the 22's well this thing makes the Heritage shine like a gem. At least they don't splatter lead 1 out of every 6 rounds. I marked that hole in the cylinder for the old trapper and told him to carry it with that one up and empty!

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    I don't understand how they can put their name on that gun.For sure not the quaility you expect from them

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    You'd laugh. A friend of mine bought one sight unseen, and reacted about like you to the quality. Not willing to admit defeat, he went to work on it. Did an action job, refinished it and built a really neat set of grips from figured and stained maple. Turned into a really good looking gun. And it still shot like %%%%. He kept it as a wall hanger, but he calls it Miss Piggy, since it's a pig dressed up in fancy clothes.

    If you haven't played with customizing handguns, that would be the one to try it on. There's not much to lose if you mess it up, and customizing does turn it into a pretty decent wall hanger. In a piggy sort of way.


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