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Thread: Long, heavy 6.5 bullets

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    I'm building a 6.5-06 AI, and I'm interested in the 156 Norma Oryx and 160 Sierra Pro-Hunter for possible either caribou or moose loads. My twist of 1:8" should work. Any long 6.5 bullet reloaders out there with experience on these two animals?

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    The only thing even close is a 175 Nosler from a 7x57 @ around 2500 fps. I load them for a friend as "brush" rounds for deer, but he has taken three moose, one shot each, with them over the years. I doubt you could ever get him to shoot anything else.

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    No experience with those Fremont, but the Europeans use them at lower velocities from the 6.5 mannlicher and swede with excellent results. Good luck!

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    I have a 6.5-06 AI and load 156 grain Oryx bullets to a velocity of about 2900 fps. I 've never taken a caribou or moose with it but have taken one good elk and a couple of good mule deer. Never recovered a bullet, they all left big holes then punctured the landscape beyond. One shot each from 120 yds to 275ish. I'm sure it would do a number on a 'bou and about '06 performance on moose.
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