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Thread: Bad firing pin, 9MM Destroyer

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    Question Bad firing pin, 9MM Destroyer

    My dad has a Spanish 9mm Destroyer that over the years has developed a bad firing pin. Actual the firingpin has bent and will not line up with the hole in the bolt face. I was wondering what could be done to fix this? I have searched for replacement part to no avail. The gun is a great shooter and I would love to get it back in good working order. Any ideas or source of parts would be greatly apreciated
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    Smile Replacement

    If you have the rifle I think you have (Spanish Destroyer),it is a 9mm largo carbine. They are a short small framed bolt action fifle with a detachable magazine.
    Try: LEE's GUN PARTS.........972-790-0773
    He carries a large supply of military parts as well as parts for commercial firearms. He ships to about anywhere and accepts most credit cards. GOOD LUCK


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