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    I am new to AK living in palmer for now, how should my resume read, and how long should I try to keep it, should it just have my flying experience? Should I include my time as owning my own trucking company?

    Should I start going around now or would it be better to wait till Jan Feb?

    Anyone know of someone hiring right now?

    Whats the best airfields to be going around, to get to know the people in the area that would be the best help to a young guy with 500hrs.

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    Your trucking business is of no value for a flying job so keep it off of the resume. It is of value to you because you understand what it takes to make money which makes you an asset in that regard, but Mr. Chief Pilot does not care.

    Keep flying and building AK time. 1000 hrs is a number most like to see, but don't let your relatively low time stop you. The 100 hrs Alaska time is usually for the insurance companies so it's a little more rigid.

    Do a search for airline resumes...I think ERAU has a couple links up that show a general format of what it should look like. Be sure and include the desire to be an "XYZ air service" pilot as your objective. I'd put a resume together now and start dropping them off at the office in ANC. Then come February and spring hiring, take in an updated copy and keep after 'em. Good luck.

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    Take a look at for some pilot resume tips. has a directory of Alaska flight operations that is more complete than most.

    Anchorage, Lake Hood and Anchorage Merrill Field are the best bets for the biggest concentration of flight ops within a reasonable distance of each other. Anchorage International has some as well. Palmer has a new flight school, Artic's Air Academy, also with possible tour flights to the Knik Glacier area.

    Talkeetna is the next closest airport with several flight operations all in one place. All of them operate in the spring summer and fall and cut way down in the winter and all provide tours of Mt.McKinley and climber drop offs at the top of the Kahiltna Glacier. There are also a couple of flight schools in or near Talkeetna.


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