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    Good Morning,
    This coming week I am planning on taking a good friend of mine's life long friend fishing, he is part of the Striker force that just returned to Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks after 14 months in Iraq.

    We are looking to go down to the Kenai and I haven't been down in about 8 days. Can anyone give me a fishing report? Is the middle finally heating up and is the inflfow to Skilak still good? We only have one day and will have my 40 hp sled with me. Thanks

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    Water in the Kenai is coming up pretty fast. Flood advisory in effect for the Upper Kenai and in the middle it is brown and muddy as I have ever seen it from the Killey River (Kenai Keys area) down to the mouth. From the mudline upstream to Skilak Lake the trout fishing seems to have hit a wall. I mean it has really slowed down from what it was a week ago. Maybe things will pick back up when the water levels stabilize or when cooler weather hits but right now it is pretty tough trout fishing out there.
    My thoughts would be keep an eye on the water levels (USGS GRAPH) and see how it shakes out. On the plus side the water level has risen back to what it was close to the middle of September so plenty of water to run the boat around in.


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