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Thread: Kenai Update?

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    Default Kenai Update?

    Good Morning,
    This coming week I am planning on taking a good friend of mine's life long friend fishing, he is part of the Striker force that just returned to Ft. Wainwright in Fairbanks after 14 months in Iraq.

    We are looking to go down to the Kenai and I haven't been down in about 8 days. Can anyone give me a fishing report? Is the middle finally heating up and is the inflfow to Skilak still good? We only have one day and will have my 40 hp sled with me. Thanks

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    Default Kenai

    I floated and fished from Russian River to Jim's, last weekend. Fishing was slow. I caught a couple on flesh flies. Most others I observed including guide boats were not experiencing hot condtions. I heard the inflow to Skilak was good. There are fresh silvers in the river.

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    Reports of flooding at Kenai Lake. Should change the fishing drastically. I was planning a duck hunt and fishing trip Thursday but questioning how the flooding will affect the middle portion of the river? Any current reports?

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    Default Local Kenai Residents

    I'm planning to go down Friday morning and fish the middle through Monday. The National Weather site says there shouldn't be any flooding below Skilak. Is there anybody who has been on the middle section during an event like this? Even if the middle comes up a bunch but doesn't reach "Flood Stage" it could easily be useless fishing. Any updates are highly appreciated. I'd hate to do that 9 hour drive to find out I'm just doing a quick highwater float.

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    Water was coming up Monday, it was up 3 feet in about 3 days and very off color. Not worth the drive.
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    Default Scrap Plans

    Scrapped the plan entirely, not worth 20 hours of driving for a handful of fish. Thanks for the info. Will have to try again next year, maybe earlier or try a couple trips.

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    Was doing very well on the upper earlier in the week on flesh flies
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