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Thread: End of Season Care

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    Default End of Season Care

    I know this was discuss a while back but a reminder never hurts.

    Being that most of us might be done for the season prepping our boat or boats in some cases "junkies" for storage is always an important step in protecting our investments.

    Few reminderss:

    Soap and Water Wash

    Clean your Valves to the best of your ability

    Some form of viable protectant should be applied (no petro-distillants should be used)

    Dry completely (nothing worse) than a frozen boat you might have to move if your storing outside and not palletized. Trust Me! I learned! Make your best attempt at finding a secure spot if outside at 40 below things do not go well some times.

    If storing outside wrap the boat in a heavy tarp. I hate critters that Like to chew. Grrrr!

    Take your Pump apart if applicable and clean and lube depending on the type

    Take your rescue rope out clean and dry it

    Wash your frame down and treat all your bolts / U-bolts / Oar stands / Oar Locks. An application of White Lithium Grease then wiped down works well. Stay away from the standard stuff like WD-40.

    If you do not feel like dealing with it call your local shop and see if they offer an end of year service. Most shops have a standard hourly wage just ask and see if the cost is viable if time is an issue.

    Bottom Line you might spend between 2-8K for your inflatable package it is an investment which could give you 15-20 years of enjoyment if taken care of properly.

    Think about it like this; You purchase a nice used car for your kid and it cost 7K your kid drives it for the year and never changes the oil, lubs the zerts or changes the air filter. Twelve months after you purchased it the engine starts making funny sounds, the tires are shot, the shocks and ball joints are toast.

    Little bit of preventive maintance goes a long way to ensuring things work and your investment is protected.

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    Great info Moose. I always open my valves and leave them open.

    My toons unzip so I open them up and let the dry out also.

    Clean frame and lube up accordingly.

    I have had no issues in 5+ years
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    Default Zippers...

    I like Chuck's idea of letting the trapped water dry out a bit.

    Also, I heard a nightmare of a story about a stuck zipper in the field and how it complicated repairs. LOTS of sewing. So, this season I'll add some zipper care to the packing up process.
    Not quite yet though!


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