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Thread: Beretta Mato bolt action rifle

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    Default Beretta Mato bolt action rifle

    can anyone tell me anything about the Beretta Mato rifles ? they are based from a Dakota action and discontinued in around 2002 - I am looking at a NIB 338 online and cannot find any info, good or bad, about the rifle

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    If a rifle is chambered in .338 Win. Mag. and has a Dakota action and is made by Beretta it is probably a very good rifle, especially if it has the Loather Walther barrel. So if you got the bucks get it and post a picture!

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    They're one of the better ideas out of the Beretta factory. Some of the actions were actually made by Dakota and are of better overall quality, but the Beretta-made actions are still right nice. The stock design is very classic, with no drop in the comb so recoil (at least to me) seems more manageable than comparable rifles from Remchester. There was a very small run of walnut-stocked rifles, and they had beautiful figure and color.

    In short if it's in good shape (NIB ), and you're looking for a .338, you would be hard pressed to find a rifle better than the Mato. Next time you talk to the seller, ask him (on my behalf) if he's got a wood-stocked Mato in .280 Rem.


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