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Thread: New M70 FN design vs. pre 64 M70

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    Default New M70 FN design vs. pre 64 M70

    I have not been able to find the new M70 FN in the local area to take a look. Anyone know the exact design differences from the pre 64 model. The listed features and pictures of the featherweight stock seem very similar. I did a search but could not find a direct comparison. Also any comments on quality, experience with FN customer service, etc.

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    Default I think...

    The gas venting is better on the new Mod. 70's. I think the one piece bolt, spring steel extractors, magazine springs and barrels are better on the pre-64's. I have not looked at the new trigger. I am sorry to hear that the best designed and most reliable trigger any hunting rifle ever had has been discontinued.

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    Quality on the new guns have been top notch. I have been very happy with mine.

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    Default M70's

    The difference's between the Pre-64 and the Classic...

    The Classic's Bolt is a two piece (bolt handle brazed on) vs the Pre-64 one piece.

    The Classic Extractor's were metal injection molded vs Pre-64's quality spring steel. However the new South Carolina M70's and the last New Haven M70's have quality Williams Extractors.

    The Classic has an antibind system in the right side of the receiver that makes them pretty slick, the Pre-64 has a "hump" on the bolt for anti-bind, but really gets its slickness from quality machining.

    The Classic has an improved gas handling system in case of a ruptured case.

    The receiver feed rails on the Classic are kinda one-size-fits-all, vs the hand machined/polished ones on the Pre-64's that make them feed like butta!

    There are other cosmetic changes, such as finish and stocks.

    The new South Carolina Guns, have an enclosed trigger like a timney, etc. They are very crisp right out of the box, but many feel not as durable as the old open design. Enclosed trigers tend to collect dirt and debris over time.

    Also the new M70's have a fully free-floated barrel and the action is glass bedded to the stock. The bedding is top notch, better than I would expect on a custom.

    The blueing on the South Carolina guns isnt on par with the New Haven's.

    They are all quality rifles. Perhaps the most overlooked is the New Haven push-feeds. They can be had for a low price, and are of good quality.

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    Default Action lengths

    A major difference IF you are going to use a long cartridge i.e. 375 H&H is that the classic actions are longer than the pre-64s. The classics actions have a spacer in the magazine and a stop on the extractor collar to adapt them to the '06 length cartridges.

    So if you want to build a .375 H&H etc. you can buy a classic in any magnum caliber and easily modify it to fit the longer cartridge while the pre-64 actions require quite a bit of machining usless you start with a .300 H&H etc. which already have the machining done.
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    I have only handled one of the new guns, and it was almost a year ago. To be honest, I was disappointed. The fit and finish was not what I expected, and was the deciding factor in me buying a CZ instead. The CZ was far superior to the Model 70 I handled, and has been an excellent rifle. From the sounds of it, my experience was an exception to what others have seen. I hope so. I had high hopes for these guns, and wanted to buy one.
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    I have three guns im going to purchase all at the same time:

    a 338 ruger compact mag,

    a predatory rifle(243),

    and a new BLR, used model 88, or a savage 99 chambered in 308. (one of the three)

    i've pretty much narrowed my choices down to a featherweight 70 or an x-bolt micro chambered in 243.

    out of support to winchester.....i will pick up a featherweight and see how she look n feels. if i don't feel impressed.....x-bolt micro it is.

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    The new M70 AWs are in its price class right now. Superb F&F...well done!

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for all the inputs, just what I was looking for. Sound like it is well worth burning a little gas to take a look at. I have been wanting a new bolt gun in 7-08 and it sounds like the Featherweight may be the ticket. Thanks again.

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    I am very impressed with the new featherweights. One thing I noticed on the ones I looked at was that the stock was colored more of a red than a traditional brownish wood color. Not sure if that is the norm or more of a rarity but the one I held was red wood. I really like the fit and finish/quality though.

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    Have had Classics, played with a few FN's, I'm sticking with my 64's!
    Personally, I would rather a Ruger HE than the current FN lineup. Just my take



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