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Thread: LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY FROM 05/10 to 09-10

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    Default LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY FROM 05/10 to 09-10

    Hello, Didn't introduce myself properly in my first "THREAD" my namd is Mike from Panama City FL. need to kept my expenses down when i get to Anchorage. I want to investigate all of my options. In my first thread I stated that i am 47/married for 24 years but probable won't see 25 if i follow threw with my plan to come to Alaska LOL,selfempolyed flooing contractor since 1983,spotless backround!!! will consider any type of situation such as trading work for room,board and some cash, remodeling work at a hunting or fishing resort, rebuilding showers. (tearout,reframe,tileboard,waterproofing and installation of tile,stone,marble,commercial and residential etc.) or if someone out there who may know someone in need of my sevices. References available. also i am very new to this type of forum, not even sure that i am answering your responses properly. (as in my first thread from another member.) so heres my e-mail Thank you for any help in my quest.

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    Default Hostels


    When you hit town go over to the hostel... between 3rd n 4th on Eagle?.
    It ain't a bad place and it was $25 a night for a bunk... in a shared room. Good hot showers and someone on duty most all the time. It is not the greatest neighborhood... so secure your tools and vehicle... park it where you or others can kinda see it.

    There are a few other Hostels around town... they're on the web. Few if any require a membership and age is not an issue...

    Hotel prices will double (at least) for the tourist season starting sometime in May and stay high thru August. Few hotels would be worth staying in and the price will be over $100 a night.


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