Its expensive as can be and only available in health food stores. In Anchorage you pay 7 bucks a pound for it.

I found it online for less than 3 bucks a pound, including usps shipping that arrives 3 days after you order it. I have no relation to the site or product; my wife likes the stuff and I wanted to save money.

Go to and buy it using coupon code AE25FT (coupon code only works for your first order from this company)

Buying 20# gives you a price including shipping of $2.60 per pound including shipping. Buying 60# makes it $2.36 a pound, with better deals if you want to deal with 55# sacks of it which I don't. The 5# sacks are nicer to store and have ziplock tops.

It won't last so act fast if you're going to do it. One reason for this is even shipping to Alaska (usps) they only charge $6.95 per order no matter how much you buy; so they can easily pay usps 4 times more for shipping than you paid them. The other reason is that the coupon code shown above gives you 50% off even after the site gives you 10% off for buying 3+ bags.

Too good to be true but my wife's shipment arrived today and all was right with it and the charges.