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    Default Anchor River

    don't see a post over here about the derby,

    12Sir, it has come to my attention that Land's End Resort is sponsoring your 1st Annual $1000 grand prize Fall Fly Fishing Tournament. This information was posted on as follows:

    "From November 6th-8th, come compete for the $1,000 cash pot! Just minutes outside of Homer flows some of the most amazing fresh water tributaries on earth. The late fall fly fishing provided here is one of the best kept secrets in Alaska. All the tourists have gone home and the North Fork and Anchor River are left for the locals. These pristine rivers are perfect for experts and beginners alike. The fall season means world class Silver Salmon, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Rainbow Trout, and Steelhead fishing. So grab some friends, hop in the car, and head down to Homer for a weekend of fishing and fun.
    Contact Patrick at 907-235-0414 or, for FREE tips on fishing and maps detailing the best spots to target these world class trout. Call Land's End Resort today to sign up for the Fall Fly Fishing Tournament. $50 entry fee. All ADF&G fishing regulations do apply and will be enforced. At the tournament check-in, you must provide a valid drivers license and a valid fishing license. Special fishing hotel rates as low as $80 based on availability. 1-800-478-0400 or 907-235-0400."

    My response to that post was as follows: "I am going to contact the guy and tell him I am going to boycott Lands End unless they cancel this stupid thing. I hope you are going to do the same. I usually stop there for lunch or dinner numerous times over the summer and often times my friends stay there. Tell this gent that this is the worst silver season on record, the dollies have all but disappeared and the few steelhead there are getting hammered. Tell him that a bunch more pressure on these streams along with maps will mean that fewer fish will survive the winter and our future fishing will be in jeopardy. I think I may also organize a petion drive to ask ADF&G to close all of those streams by EO during those dates."

    As you can see I am a little angry. I have worked my entire professional life to protect Alaska's fish and fish habitat. This tournament is a bad idea. Our fish streams cannot take this kind of pressure. I have lived here in Anchorage for well over 30 years, and over those years I have probably spent thousands of dollars on rooms and meals at Lands End. If this happens I will not continue and I will be asking my friends to do the same. I have a cabin on the Anchor at Anchor Point and I know many fine people in Homer. I will be asking them to contact you as well. Please let me know soon that this was a bad idea which you have reconsidered and there will be no tournament. Is there an ADF&G permit for this?

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    I just got a call from Mike at Land's End. The tournament is off.

    It appears a staff member there, Patrick Cashman, had the idea.

    Again, the tournament is off.
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    Several Emails were sent from members of Alaska Fly Fish, and this Patrick gentleman gladly cancelled the tournament. Good to see that they were responsible in reacting to the feedback.
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    Default Steelies on the Anchor

    Fished the Anchor on Sat and did fairly well overall a great day to be on the water.

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    Default Anchor very poor lately

    Way too many people, fish are scared to death, and have no where to swim.

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    Isn't that blog where you go for kiddy porn?

    Be the first in your neighborhood to get phished for the porn sites, folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrownBear View Post
    Isn't that blog where you go for kiddy porn?

    Be the first in your neighborhood to get phished for the porn sites, folks.
    All I have to say to that is W.T.F!?!


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