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Thread: Doing a solo fly in to DG473 on Kodiak, any last minute advice?

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    Default Doing a solo fly in to DG473 on Kodiak, any last minute advice?

    I am heading for Kodiak on Sunday for a solo hunt in DG473 (Terror Lake area). I feel like I am prepared gear wise and prepared mentally to take this on. I have never done a solo fly in hunt or been to Kodiak before so this should be a great time. I am flying in with Seahawk which sounds like the best choice I could have made to this point as Rolan seems to be a hell of a guy and knows the goats on the island pretty well. I am bringing four season gear and am prepared to ditch some stuff if need be to hike down to Terror Lake in the event of a freeze up. Originally there was going to be a couple other guys going on the hunt with me, but slowly and surely everyone had a change of plans. I am a touch concerned about my tent though. It is a Cabelas XWT 12x12. It has held up in some pretty rough weather but has not faced Kodiak or pensinula style winds. I am hoping it isn't to tall. It is by far the strongest tent I have so that is why I am bringing it. Any last minute advice? I am either going to fly into Buck Lake or Shotgun Lake. From what I understand there are 10 tags to the area but only two tags have been flown in. There could be more, but Seahawk or Andrew's didn't take them in. One to Buck Lake and one to Shotgun Lake, both tags were filled. Any last minute advice?

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    your 12x12 will be fine, but huge, way huge for a solo hunt. be better off with a four season four man tent, then you could at least heat it with a lantern.
    weather forcase don't look good, you might not be flying out right away, keep tabs on the weather.
    remember a big billy will be more than you want to carry if you've already got 40lbs in the bag from normal stuff...lifesize hide and boned out meat of a big goat will be around 120lbs.
    neat place, have fun and be patient with the weather, have a sat phone!! for sure. if you do get jammed up, walk down the road into kizuyak bay, the hydro plant should have people there than can help if you get stuck and weathers bad and you can't get out or some other emergency.
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    Default solo goat hunt


    Cast and Blast had a good post on here a couple of weeks ago that was a good read. If you didn't see it, you might look back and read. Good luck and we look forward for a report.


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    I will try and give a good report when I get back. There isn't a whole lot of info on DG473 online so I will try to add what I can about it for the next guys.

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    DO you have crampons? Not for snow and ice, but for the rain/wet. It gets slippery. Just a suggestion.

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    Default Dg473

    Excellent choice with Roland and Seahawk. He and his crew are top shelf. I used him for an earlier hunt and will use him in the future whenever possible. Tons of flight hours and years on the rock.

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    Default good luck

    You've got a good pilot. Crampons are indeed a good idea for getting up/down some of the wet mountainsides. Plan on spike-camping from base camp, unless you get lucky. If you get a goat and you're on a grassy enough mountain, you might be able to slide your goat meat down, wrapped up in a tarp or on a plastic sled----it will sure save you time/energy in getting all that weight down the mountain. And keep your eyes open for bears----they should be heading up off the salmon streams soon I would think. I've had my fill of hunting that place for a couple years, but it is beautiful. Have fun and be safe.

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    Default Bivy

    Have another small shelter with you. Realistically it could provide you the strategic advantage to get a goat. It would also allow you to stay on the moutain late into the evening for game processing.

    I know you didn't provide your whole gear list and maybe you already have it among your stuff. It's important the days are short and the weather much more severe than even thirty days ago. Your loosing 7 minutes a day or more.

    Maybe those lakes are alot closer to the goats than I know but it's good insurance for a solo hunter. Not to mention if you take a slide or tumble you'll have something to bag yourself in and maintain heat.

    Since you asked....

    Good luck and roll a furry one.


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