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Thread: Admiralty hunt

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    Default Admiralty hunt

    Doing a deer hunt on Admiralty first week of Nov. Have a forest service cabin on a lake reserved. I know the island is Brown bear infested but how many would we expect to run into the first week of Nov? Any of em already in their den by that time? I really dont want to have to many run in's but im sure thats next to impossible. Also how would you suggest storing meat? Im thinking we will need to pulley them over a branch very high in a tree a ways off from the cabin but any suggestions or experiences there would be appreciated.

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    Default pulley and line

    If you can get your meat in a dry bag you'll reduce scent. There will be few bear roaming but certainly not many.

    You'll be near a forest service cabin. That in itself keeps bears at bay unless they are problem bears. I've observed that bears give those cabins a wide buffer zone and tend to stay wary of them.

    That will be a fun trip. Hunting Blacktail in November is very cool.


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