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Thread: Thoughts on a '97 Yamaha 90?

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    Default Thoughts on a '97 Yamaha 90?

    Hi all, I came across a 1997 Yamaha 2-stroke 90 "Inshore" w/prop. Hours unknown, but motor very clean under the cowling and no dings on the prop and no beat-up skeg. Has T&T. Asking price is 3000.00 (Kauai) with binnacle only, no tach.
    Are these the typical 2-stroke motors of those years (curious as to the "Inshore" designation on the cowling)? Motor is 20" shaft. We're thinking of using this on a 23' flat bottom aluminum skiff that had twin 45 johnson's (old 2 strokes, 1 threw a rod and the other doesn't run well).

    Information on motor tag:
    6H1 L 494677 W

    Any advice/opinions on this motor appreciated,
    PS----is the compression easy to check on a outboard and is that something that pretty much tells you the condition of the engine?

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    I have a 2002 90hp yamaha 2 stroke and love it. I don't believe much has changed since 97, with the possible exception of automatic enrichening. I don't know that much about the inshore version, I believe it has less corrosion protection. Over all I am very happy with my motor, it always starts and runs excellent, and does good on fuel for a 2 stroke. on a typical day I can run between 3-4 hours on 15 gallons of gas
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