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Thread: looking for new bush village that has easy access trapping/hunting

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    Default looking for new bush village that has easy access trapping/hunting

    ok, i'm not lazy, but,, i need to trap a water system that is fairly close....i gotta drive like 30 miles to and 30 miles from the river where i am at now...this is my preference, trapping rivers, lakes, etc....otter, beaver, mink, lynx, etc...not the barren mountains...

    i need exercise, so, i want to run my trap line everyother day to stay in shape, relieve stress, etc...

    where i am at now, crap, it's 30 miles to the beavers/river...and the river is shallow, curvy and, when i get off at 4's a pain to run 30 miles to and from my trap line...

    hopefully there are some teachers on here that live off teh road system....

    buckland has been suggested....the lower kuskokwim area, etc.... i've been on the yukon and loved it...just want a village that is semi-white friendly....
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    YKSD school district has towns that fit your needs. Manley or Minto are on the road system too.

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    lol.... "white friendly" thats pretty funny. Some of the villages areound kotz aren't too bad and are on rivers (noatak, noorvik, kiana, ambler, buckland, deering) and are fairly "white friendly" but as in every town every where there are plenty of jerks. There are lots of people here in kotz that definately don't care for whites being up here but who cares.

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    Lived in Bethel for 20 years now, you'll find racism almost everywhere, but the majority of people here are easy to get along with. Once someone starts to act like a jerk, they get treated like one, but there are villages where whites are NOT wanted, and the residents aren't afraid to let you know. Best to just stay out of those places.
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