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Thread: homebrew wine recipe with a mr. beer kit

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    Default homebrew wine recipe with a mr. beer kit

    my buddy in nome asked me thte other day if he could use his mr. beer keg kit to make wine....

    i told him to order a red wine yeast packet....gather 24 oz of crushed berries....3 cups sugar, to 1 gl water....

    boil sugar in water, cool to room temp...
    heat 1/4 cup water 2 tbls spoon sugar to 105 degrees and put yeast in for 10 minutes...

    pour 1gl water into mr. beer keg....put in 24 oz pureed berries....
    then, mix in the yeast mixture...

    set 10 days...then bottle with 2 tbl spoon sugar in each 24 oz bottle....sit at room temp to carbonate for 7 days minimum....then could drink or put in frig to condition....

    how does this sound for a mr. beer keg kit....
    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Sounds okay, but I would bump up the berries to 32oz. and cut the sugar back a little. If you use too much sugar the wine will turn out sweet instead of dry. Good if you are looking for "wine coolers" and not wine. Also the sugar added to the bottles will give you a carbonated sparkling wine, once again making wine coolers. Be very careful when adding sugar to wine for carbonation because the wine will continue to ferment inside the bottle WITHOUT adding sugar. This will increase the pressure inside the bottle. If you add sugar, the pressure will increase significantly and could cause the bottles to burst...not cool. If he absolutely must add sugar for carbonation, DO IT IN MODERATION like Tony Sinclair


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