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Thread: Trying to track down Randy...

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    Question Trying to track down Randy...

    I have been trying to contact him to pin down a hunt for next August. I have already talked to him a couple times, just lost communications with him when it came time to paying the deposit. He owns Alaska Gold Rush Adventures. Just wondering if anyone knows him and if they know whats going on... I figure he is just taking a much needed vacation after the hunting season, but I am kind of getting worried since I really wanted to pin my spot down. I have called and left messages, now it's saying his in-box is full. Like I said, I am sure it is something simple...just ancy since this was supposed to be a Christmas present for my father-in-law...and someone else in the family... Thanks in advance...

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    He stopped by our shop a couple of days ago and had been out that day testing a new boat. He said that he had been out of town alot so he may now just be getting around to returning calls.


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