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    Heading to the great northwest in the spring to fulfil a lifelong dream of just being there, sure i love to fish it's a passion of mine, but to me that's not what coming to Alaska is all about. it's about the sheer beauty of the place. the fishing,hunting and all the other outdoor activities is just the bonus.yes i hope to find some work when i get out there,i've been selfemployed in the flooring business sense 1983 tile, marble and wood. so i'm thinking that Anchorage is my best bet, and if i can,t find some work i will stay until the money runs out. awl be 47 in march, and i'm not going to be one of those people that kept telling there self that it's not the right time or i can go when i retire. sometime's you have to live for today not tomarrow,because tomarrow may never God willing my dream will come true. Would love to here your thought's.

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    There aren't many good tile folks around Anchorage. It could be lucrative, at least enough to pay the bills and get some fishing in.
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