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Thread: cheap fish boxes in fairbanks?

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    Default cheap fish boxes in fairbanks?

    Looking for a place to get a couple cheap fish boxes....thought people might know of a better place then interior fish? walmart didnt have them, or freddies...

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    Default Fish Boxes

    Did you try Sentry Hardware/Frontier Outfitters? If not, I think that I saw some at the UPS store off the Old Steese across from the Safeway Gas station. Hope that helps some.

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    got'm thanks!

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    Never forget Value Village or Used a Bit for coolers. Coolers are lots tougher than fish boxes, and I bet cheaper too. I have not been to Salvation Army in a long time, but that might be an option too.
    Dumpster sites around Fairbanks are a cornucopia of items that can be re-used. Rigid insulation and cardboard boxes abound.
    Not much for garage sales now, but that is an option too. Eielson Base for Sale is another place to look, or post for what you want.
    I would have a hard time just spending dollars on a fish box when there are other options.
    By the way, I got rid of 6 coolers this spring. OUCH!

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    Default ya tell me LOL.....I didnt think of this sooner, enough crap going on it slipped my mind, on top of being sick to the point I've been sleeping inbetween everything.

    I leave today woot woot..whitetails, pheasants, geese here I come. On the plane at 7. Dunno why I've stayed in AK so long....can't afford to do much up here anymore, Mn is cheap and I have TONS of land to do it on!

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    have fun - I'm feeling that way more and more myself...

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    They use to have them in Sams Club in set of 4.


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