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Thread: Fishing in Cordova AK or ALASKA in general?

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    Question Fishing in Cordova AK or ALASKA in general?

    Hello all,

    I have a friend whose parents live in Cordova Alaska. I am pretty good buddies with him and was thinking of a trip to visit the area next year. I have had a fly in guided trip up clear creek/Talkeetna last year and LOVED IT.

    I live in Montana near Billings and work for a major oil company. My dream is to have a summer cabin or a piece of ground in Alaska to fish the summer months – June through October (on and off while working) and probably spending the winter in Montana. Pease don’t hate me for this idea; I believe many are doing the same thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas or experiences with Cordova? I have read quite a bit about Valdez on this board and the salt fishing for salmon sounds pretty good. I was born and raised in western Washington State so I have salmon running in my blood and I don’t mind rain.

    It’s tough in Montana without much Kings and Silvers in season…like ZERO. I miss it allot. How about the river fishing near Cordova? The only reason I am asking about Cordova is because I know no one in AK except MY buddy’s parents in Cordova and my nephew in Anchorage but he is not a FISHERMAN.

    I have not done any Halibut fishing but I have caught allot of large ling cod in the San Juan Islands years ago, I’m a salmon nut though, and currently have a jet boat and drift boat for Bass, Cats and Trout here in Montana, believe you me, I know how to drift a bead to catch a trout on the BigHorn – ANYONE’S WELCOME ANYTIME, I MEAN THAT. I live about 45mins from the BigHorn River.

    I’m coming up on 49 years old and am thinking more everyday about a small summer place in Alaska I can go to fish heaven before I die… I am just not sure that the “other side with Saint Peter” has salmon fishing so I need to make the best of the time I have left here on the planet earth with all you wonderful fisherman.

    Thoughts and comments welcome – thanks for letting me speak what’s on my mind.

    John H. – Montana

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    I cant help you with cordova...I do have a friend that comm fish's there though so I'll have to try and remember this one next time we talk.

    As for valdez...I dont think I'd live there unless you plan on owning an ocean boat. Otherwise I'd find somewhere else on the road system that has more year round fishing invovled and maybe drive a couple times to valdez to fish. The road system is a nice place to live..though distances (atleast for interior guys) can be quite a ways.

    There's a couple questions I'd be asking myself if I was in your shoes (which I hope to be someday). How many people do I (YOU) want to be around (living) many people can I tolerate where I fish, how much driving am I willing to do..or quite possibly could I handle it remote for a few months a year. The kenai pennisula to me would be the place to retire in hog heavan...big rainbows, big char, big kings, lots of coho's lots of reds...BUT lots of people! It's also one helluva beautiful place when the sun shines! You're also within an easy drive of Anchorage (alaska's major hub), and the kenai penninsula for some salt water action, steelhead and more salmon rivers. The only downfall here is the amount of can be crazy busy at times. I dont mind them too much, quite frankly it can be fun meeting people from all over the usa in an afternoon.

    If you're into the ocean boat've opened a TON of opportunities up...southeast ak..kodiak the list is really endless....some places are extremely time specific more so then others (ie very very small windows of opportunity).

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    ive always wanted to fish cordorva, hear the cuttthroat fishing is great

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    Nice attractive small town. Some people, a few lodges, but quieter than other places, doesn't seem like it ever gets crowded. Some road fishing - with moderate pressure due to easy access, but not a whole lot of variety; much more river fishing (with less visitation) accessible nearby by plane (Martin Lake, Katalla, Montague Island, etc.), and saltwater fishing by boat - significant harbor with lots of small boats - someone else will have to chime in on what all they are doing and where they go.

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    you know you could always guide for orca lodge....just another room lodging and you're making money fishing all the time!

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    You can't go wrong with Cordova. I know it well and the fishing and hunting is out of this world.
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    Cordova makes my short list for places to get a small place. I'd love to sell the cabin on POW and get a place around Cordova.

    Winters in Montana aren't a bad idea. If you don't ski, don't spend the winters in Cordova

    As long as you are a stand up guy and mean what you say, small towns in Alaska are great.

    There was some great trout fishing not far from Cordova a few years ago. A boat is a requirement. Spend more on the boat than the cabin (unless you have toddlers).
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    Cordova Love that place!
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