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Thread: Weekend report!

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    Default Weekend report!

    Saturday made the trip to Clearwater and was supposed to meet up with a couple friends....none of them showed. Figured what the heck made the drive went out anyway. Final count was 5 ducks got screwed by a boat load of fisherman when I had geese at 100yards feet down and coming they saw/heard it and flared. Saw tons of swans all landing within 500 yards of me, what an amazing sight. Picked up at 2:00 pm was home by 5:00 pm.

    Sunday hunted local killed 3 ducks, we better pray for a little warm up or there wont be any place to hunt by the weekend things are icing over really quick. Broke ice just to hunt...not fun!

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    I was there Andy....just had a dead there friday at noon and did evening flight hunt and we shot 5 crane and then went back in the morning and shot 3 till about noon......Bunch of mature cranes on this second flight that came in so they were a little weary but my new homeade crane deeks worked like a charm....Going back this weekend if your interested....all you need is a layout blind


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