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    I am thinking about getting a small mud motor for a small canoe, and was wonder if anyone up here has used one? I should define mini = under five HP. They push a small craft about 5 to 8 MPH, do you think this would be too slow? Thinking about using it in sloughs, not main river. They are really lite, under 25lbs. Just fishing for thoughts, pros and cons.
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    I used a 6.5 hp Scavenger on a square stern Pelican this moose season. I hauled 3 friends and a whole camp up a tributary about a mile and half. (4 trips) There is a learning curve. Standing is not an option. Electric start is mandatory Kneeling or sitting is required. The correct shaft angle to the transom is important for optimum propeller depth. To much and you horse it. Too little and it captivates. With everything tuned it works great as long as your buddy resists the urge to help balance or steer. It does not steer as easy as an outboard but runs across sandy muddy bottoms and bounces over hidden logs and limbs

    My winter modifications include moving the rear seat forward for easier driving and finding a better way to adjust the angle of the shaft than using a beaver chewed stick as a shim. It needs a better throttle control than the factory turtle/rabbit plastic slide lever. I will also keep my eyes open for a used Grumman Sportboat. The wider transom may provide a more stable platform than the Pelican.

    I could have gone further but needed to check my big boat every other day because of the dropping water level. The setup worked slow but good even up stream against the current. A slow moving slough should be easier. I chose this size to help haul out moose parts when needed. A smaller motor wouldn't have enough power and larger motor would be too heavy.

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    I have been looking at the scavengers, they look like they have some potential on a small boat. is there a dealer in AK or can you order direct?
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    Mahlen Enterprises in Fairbanks 907 590 3287-ask for Mike. He was in the process of becoming a rep when I ordered mine from the factory. They shipped mine to him on his first order to save me shipping from Iowa. I think it cost $50 to have it shipped to Anchorage by truck. He ordered a few and may have some in stock. I dunno.


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